Trademor is an enabler of growth for SMEs with a focus on exports. An official Channel Partner of Alibaba.com, Trademor has worked to ensure hundreds of local companies are able to sell online and extend their reach to an international community of buyers. Client success and sustainable growth are what drives Trademor’s efforts forward. Trademor’s eventual goal is to increase trade on a national scale in order to expand economic potential and develop better opportunities for the workforce.

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Who we are

Trademor , an Authorized Channel Partner of Alibaba.com, is a one-stop-shop for all your needs as a Gold supplier. Through Trademor, you can showcase and sell your products to a global community of buyers on Alibaba.com and maximize your exposure on the global market.

Our objective is to build for our clients a highly effective, fully operational online store, providing not only Value Added Services but also personalized solutions and a unique perspective focused on the end goal for any business: sustainable growth.

The quintessential element for the progress and longevity of any business is growth – individual and organizational. We provide that growth to our clients, our stakeholders and our employees.

Our mandate is to help our clients grow their business by exploring new avenues of development, using time-tested methodology and key positioning to deliver tangible results and achieve long-term gains. At Trademor, our main focus has been on enabling businesses and individuals to be the best version of themselves, to break barriers and empower others to make effective decisions that, in the long-run, have proved to be highly beneficial in fostering sustainable economic growth.

to growth

Throughout our team, growth, both personal and organizational, is emphasized. The world around us evolves every day with the work of an umpteen number of people around the world. There’s nothing more captivating than enabling an individual to unleash their potential. Therefore, we started the School of Growth, with the vision of training SMEs on all e-commerce platforms. A difficult task for sure, but that’s why it is a vision, not a goal. Having grown so rapidly ourselves, we know what it takes. Now we are working on helping other organizations self-actualize.


The Start

Shayan and Shah Talha, working in advertising, were presented with a novel but timely opportunity. Alibaba.com needed a partner in Pakistan. Talha and Shayan took on the challenge and founded Trademor, an organization built on growing others.

The Mindset

The going was tough. It was hard to form a sales team, but we were playing an infinite game. The Trademor team prioritized leaving customers happy over making sales.

The Tipping Point

All stories have a tipping point, 2019 was ours. We first won the ‘Service Star’ Award by Alibaba.com for our  excellent service. Later we won the ‘September Global Top 10 Sales’ Award amongst 80+ total channels, and then the ‘September Country Top 3 Sales’ Award amongst all Pakistani channels.

It was high time we opened our office in Karachi. Not only that, we soon opened another in Sialkot. Sialkot and Karachi were cities concentrated with SMEs. Spirits were running high.

Getting Recognized

We began the year on a high, winning a couple of major awards: ‘Q2 Market Expansion’ Award for increasing our client base by 200% and ‘Excellent Channel Partner’ Award for overall performance, sales, and marketing.

With the COVID pandemic raging, people everywhere turned to online shopping, boosting e-commerce platforms, particularly Alibaba.com for exports.

Later in 2020, we were selected to serve US SMEs, being the only partner selected from Pakistan. This meant a lot to us.

Rebranded Trademor

The year ended on a very high note. We rebranded Trademor to reflect our growth and evolving culture. We reflected on our value proposition: what do we stand for? The answer was right there staring at us. It is all about growing our customers and our team. We came up with the tagline—Your Partner in Growth—and we aim to live by it every day.

The Expansion

We expanded both our Pakistan and US teams, upscaling in all our offices.

Just when we thought things couldn't get better, they did. We won even more prestigious awards:

  • ‘Service Star Competition’ Award: amongst all global channel partners, we topped with a renewal rate above 75%, onboarding 100+ clients and generating 1000+ potential leads in a mere 3 months.
  • ‘Top Performing Channel Partner Q1’ Award: amongst 80+ channel partners, we were awarded for the best service.
  • Awarded ‘USAID Small and Medium Enterprise Activity Scale-up Grant’ in August, enabling us to expand Trademor into 6 more cities in Pakistan. Growth was still key.

Further, we grew our PK client base to more than 600, and our US client base from 100 clients to over 400, and we're not done with 2021 yet.

Started School of Growth:

Starting the School of Growth felt like the most natural thing to do. Our vision is to enable SMEs to sell online. Often, in Pakistan, people are not confident using technology to sell virtually, but e-commerce is where the demand lies. Through our webinars and training sessions, we aim to bridge this gap.

Throughout our team, growth on both personal and organizational levels is emphasized. There is nothing more captivating than enabling an individual to unleash their potential.